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The Magic Torch

By pointing the "Magic" Torch at the screen, we see how hundreds of small stars, planets, asteroids and unusual shapes follow its beam of light. The viewers are able to see how, as they control the flashlight, these elements are driven by the movements of their hands, enjoying it as a peculiar remote control. The pleasure of playing with this light that hides something magical brings a fantasy world alive.

Developed by Alberto Garcia and Julio Obelleiro during Interactivos? 06 at Medialab-Prado. Thanks to Medialab-Prado, David Cuartielles, Zachary Lieberman, Martín Nadal, Alberto Cortés, Gabi R. Merino, Pablo Quevedo (wweeggee), Juanma Cuellar, Melissa y Carlos Cano.

Shown at: Ars Electronica (Linz, 06), 10YearsAfter_v4.0_OuterSpace (Seoul, 06), The White Night (Madrid, 07), Art Science and Dalí Exhibition (Madrid, 07), Looptopia (Chicago, 08), Malmo Festivalen (Malmo, 08), The Chicago Art Department (Chicago, 08), Interactivos? at Espacio Movistar (Barcelona, 08)...etc.

Permanent collection of the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, Madrid.


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